Over the years, Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has emerged as an internationally acclaimed and extraordinary musician: accordionist, composer, arranger,  producer, musicologist, conductor and teacher at Conservatory of Music. Marco Lo Russo is internationally acclaimed as a representative artist “leading edge” artist, driving new standards within musical culture of our time. Maestro Lo Russo is referenced in the Yearbook of Italian Cinema and Audiovisual  for his creative work. Marco Lo Russo is a high profile musician, valued by Ennio Morricone, Leo Brouwer, Nicola Piovani, Piera Degli Esposti, Giorgio Albertazzi, Pupi Avati, Lina Sastri, Isabel Bustos and many others who define him excellent artist of international reputation beetwin the most innovative and original musicians of the contemporary scene.

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Music by Marco Lo Russo in Italian films TV and fiction RAI Television

Marco Lo Russo ph by Mimmo Paparo


In addition to the recent EP Alanas – 7 Days, musical production by Rouge Sound Production label directed by Marco Lo Russo, finalists songs at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Lithuania, musical productions and compositions by accordionist, composer and producer Marco Lo Russo have been included (more…)

Music production Modern Accordion CD finalist nomination at Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2017

JustPlainFolks Award nomination 2017

The music production Modern Accordion CD by Marco Lo Russo, jazz world music album in acoustic accordion with electronic contamination, edited by Flipper Music, since its publication, has received a lot of acclaim and appreciation of magazines like La Scena, received the prestigious music nomination Just Plain Folks (more…)

Live show accordion concerts soundtrack music production by MLR new logo

Marco Lo Russo Giulio Vinci logo MLR

The artistic activity by Marco Lo Russo, concert show with classical pop and jazz accordion, composition and arranger of songs, soundtracks for Cinema TV and Theatre, sound design, music productions with the label Rouge Sound Production and promotion of cultural activities with Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association in Sermoneta, Italy, during (more…)



Label Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo on Beatport

Beatport Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo

The label Rouge Sound Production is now on Beatport: music store online specializing in electronic and dance music. The Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo with Giulio Vinci coordination, over the years, has produced several musical productions, collaborating with different artists and also other labels such as DNAGB MusicItacalibreiX-Energy, Molto RecordingsPolskie (more…)

EP Alanas 7 Days (Paki and Jaro remix) by Rouge Sound Production Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on sale in stores


The EP 7 Days with Alanas, produced by the label Rouge Sound Production, directed by Marco Lo Russo and coordinated by Giulio Vinci now available for purchase in the online store worldwide. The song 7 Days, who ranked in the final  Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Lithuania has received much acclaim from (more…)



Support “La nota in più” special project orchestral music therapy

La nota in piu Musicoterapia orchestrale

The project Orchestral Music Therapy “La nota in più” for special musicians is an extraordinary reality that aims to support young people with disabilities who engage in music workshops, concerts and performances in orchestra. (more…)

Beatles by Paola Ingletti book presentation accordion

Paola Ingletti e Marco Lo Russo Beatles

Presentation of the book The sound of the words in the Beatles songs by Paola Ingletti published by Institute Musical Bibliography IBIMUS at La Sapienza University in Rome on March 13, 2017, with Marco Lo Russo like accordionist special guest. In addition to cultural promotion like president of the musical cultural Association Marco Lo Russo Music Center, and international (more…)


On RAI World Italia in world vision

Soloist with Orchestra Week of Italian Culture in Cuba

Marco Lo Russo with Danza Teatro Retazos in Cuba

Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge in Cuba

Free music scores download by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Free music scores download by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Sound Cloud mix by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge!


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