Over the years, Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has emerged as an internationally acclaimed and extraordinary musician: accordionist, composer, arranger,  producer, musicologist, conductor and teacher at Conservatory of Music. Marco Lo Russo is internationally acclaimed as a representative artist “leading edge” artist, driving new standards within musical culture of our time. Maestro Lo Russo is referenced in the Yearbook of Italian Cinema and Audiovisual  for his creative work. Marco Lo Russo is a high profile musician, valued by Ennio Morricone, Leo Brouwer, Nicola Piovani, Piera Degli Esposti, Giorgio Albertazzi, Pupi Avati, Lina Sastri, Isabel Bustos and many others who define him excellent artist of international reputation beetwin the most innovative and original musicians of the contemporary scene.


backstage interview accordionist composer and producer at Eurovision Song Contest with Rouge Sound Production

Marco Lo Russo EdeDPhotos

Intense days in which we are working on making the video footage to make an interview that tells some moments of intense artistic activity by Marco Lo Russo over the years. The location is the homeland of Marco Lo Russo, the city of SermonetaWith a very intense artistic (more…)

Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo with Alanas to Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Marco Lo Russo Rouge Sound Production and Alanas 7 days Erovision Song Contest 2017


Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge Sound Production and Alanas present the new EP single “7 days” at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 The label Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo, accordionist, composer and producer, in art Rouge, prepares for Eurovision Song Contest 2017, January 28 on LRT TV in Lithuania. (more…)

Alanas and Marco Lo Russo celebrity evening Zmones 2017 before Eurovision song contest

Alanas and Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge Zmones 2017

Eurovision Song Contest on 28 January 2017, in which it is expected the performance with the song 7 Days produced by Rouge Sound Production of Marco Lo Russo with the voice of Alanas. In the same time many undertakings, as protagonists, for the famous Lithuanian singer of Kurdish origin (more…)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2017 Made in Italy concerts and music production

Marco Lo Russo ph Marcin Brzozka

A 2016, for the Italian accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo, full of success and international satisfaction. A Made in Italy of concerts and performances characterized by extremely original music on the international stage. A musician and composer unconventional because he admixture different musical genres, other arts (more…)

Testimonial at Award Image Latina 2016 excellence Made in Italy

Marco Lo Russo ph by Vladislav Kolev

Marco Lo Russo among numerous trips never gives up ties with the homeland. Sunday, December 11 at 17:30 at the Teatro Ponchielli, Latina, Italy it is testimonial for the Award Image Latina 2016, that distinguishes excellence Made in Italy from the province of Latina. Marco Lo Russo received (more…)



EP Alanas 7 Days (Paki and Jaro remix) by Rouge Sound Production Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on sale in stores


The EP 7 Days with Alanas, produced by the label Rouge Sound Production, directed by Marco Lo Russo and coordinated by Giulio Vinci now available for purchase in the online store worldwide. The song 7 Days, who is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Lithuania has received much acclaim from (more…)

Rouge Sound Production and Alanas at Eurovision Contest 2017 EP music production 7 days

Alanas Marco Lo Russo Rouge recording studio 7 days

7 (seven) Days is the single song EP of musical genre EDM, pop, dance by the international music production of Marco Lo Russo Rouge Sound Production, with the singer Alanas, who will participate in Eurovision song contest 2017 next January 28 in Lithuania. The collaboration with Alanas, Lithuanian singer of Kurdish (more…)



Leo Brouwer countertenor international contest Havana Cuba October 2016

Certamende Contratenores Leo Brouwer

The scores by Leo Brouwer for guitar, orchestra, ensemble and other solo instruments are increasingly common and performed around the world. Considered among the most active contemporary composers, the protagonist of culture and music research in the most prestigious international forums, Leo Brouwer has contributed enormously to (more…)

Santiago route for young people August 2016

Cammino Santiago 2106 JPG

Among the various activities and socio-cultural experiences we report with pleasure, for the summer season 2016, we inform you that a particular Way of Santiago route (Cammino di Santiago) was organized for young people aged between 18 and 35 years. Organized by the Padri e Suore (more…)

Homage to Leo Brouwer jazz world music accordionist Caribbean tour 2016 Havana Cuba

Marco Lo Russo and Giulio Vinci Homage to Leo Brouwer accordionist jazz world music tour 2016 Havana Cuba

Always continue the study and research activities. Among the various concerts and performances involving the accordionist and composer arranger Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge in the recent Cuban tour april 2016, this time focusing on improvised musical language, world fusion music and jazz, It was performed the (more…)


On RAI World Italia in world vision

Soloist with Orchestra Week of Italian Culture in Cuba

Marco Lo Russo with Danza Teatro Retazos in Cuba

Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge in Cuba

Free music scores download by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Free music scores download by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Sound Cloud mix by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge!


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