Over the years, Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has emerged as an internationally acclaimed and extraordinary musician: accordionist, composer, arranger,  producer, musicologist, conductor and teacher at Conservatory of Music. Marco Lo Russo is internationally acclaimed as a representative artist “leading edge” artist, driving new standards within musical culture of our time. Maestro Lo Russo is referenced in the Yearbook of Italian Cinema and Audiovisual  for his creative work. Marco Lo Russo is a high profile musician, valued by Ennio Morricone, Leo Brouwer, Nicola Piovani, Piera Degli Esposti, Giorgio Albertazzi, Pupi Avati, Lina Sastri, Isabel Bustos and many others who define him excellent artist of international reputation beetwin the most innovative and original musicians of the contemporary scene.


Fatti di Cultura Jul 2016 – Marco Lo Russo opens the World Youth Day

Marco Lo Russo ph Marcin Brzozka

[…] Concerto Italian-Polish dedicated to Karol Wojtyla for the opening week of the WYD events Krakow […] On the occasion of the World Youth Day Kraków 2016, and as part of the Youth Festival, to be held in Krakow as of July 26, the singer Agnieszka Chrzanowska officially present the world (more…)

Orpheus Award 2016 at CD Cinematic Piano accordion

orpheus-award-2016 Cinematic Piano Accordion

Over the years Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has received prize, awards, personal appreciation and Orpheus Award nominations for several recording productions. Orpheus Award is considered among the most prestigious awards of the record industry. (more…)


Made in Italy tour concert voice jazz accordion Gabon Africa june 2016

Vickos Ekondo Marco Lo Russo Gabon Africa

Continue the concerts with Made in Italy project by Marco Lo Russo which, from the world premiere of November 2015 for the Italian Culture Week organized by the Italian Embassy in Havana and with the world music Caribbean tour in May 2016 in Cuba, twice in ‘ span of (more…)

Bugari accordion prototype in maple wood Musictech Sennheiser microphones

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge ph by Gabriele Cau

A professional accordion Bugari Armando hand-made in maple wood, miked with a Sennheiser condenser capsules Musictech MT-04N oriented for research towards one personal sound, we need musical instruments and prototype made entirely by hand. This is a necessary way for artistic growth and have more original musical creativity. The (more…)

Made in Italy caribbean tour concert tour accordion world music Cuba april 2016

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge photo Frederic de Faverney

The twenty-first edition of the Festival Internacional de Danza en Paisajes Urbanos 2016 held in Habana Vieja (Old Havana) Ciudad en Movimiento (city in motion) in addition to the international dance festival hosted events and two thematic concerts that married members of the urban landscape and dipping the same. (more…)



Accordionist Made in italy recording session for Universal Music

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge Universal Music Production

Italy has always fascinated the foreign market, and these countries are major consumers of products made in Italy: music, culture, fashion, art and gastronomy. Rouge Sound Production, with our artistic director Marco Lo Russo and the general coordinator Giulio Vinci, has participated in the creation of another international (more…)

Made in Italy Cuba Africa continues the research grooves and sounds edm

Rouge Sound Production Studio by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

While the new concept of Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge flew to Cuba last November 2015 for the Week of Italian Culture in Havana and later in Africa in Libreville in June 2016 continue the research work on the sounds and the groove for the new arrangements. (more…)



Santiago route for young people August 2016

Cammino Santiago 2106 JPG

Among the various activities and socio-cultural experiences we report with pleasure, for the summer season 2016, we inform you that a particular Way of Santiago route (Cammino di Santiago) was organized for young people aged between 18 and 35 years. Organized by the Padri e Suore (more…)

Homage to Leo Brouwer jazz world music accordionist Caribbean tour 2016 Havana Cuba

Marco Lo Russo and Giulio Vinci Homage to Leo Brouwer accordionist jazz world music tour 2016 Havana Cuba

Always continue the study and research activities. Among the various concerts and performances involving the accordionist and composer arranger Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge in the recent Cuban tour april 2016, this time focusing on improvised musical language, world fusion music and jazz, It was performed the (more…)

Create footwear Made in Italy: create sandals and medieval shoes

Medieval Shoes



The Marco Lo Russo Music Center association, research center, laboratory, and training has always been active to promotion of significant italian cultural activities and artistic value. A (more…)


On RAI World Italia in world vision

Soloist with Orchestra Week of Italian Culture in Cuba

Marco Lo Russo with Danza Teatro Retazos in Cuba

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge with Agnieszka Chrzanowska

Free music scores download by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Free music scores download by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Sound Cloud mix by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge!


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