All Music Europe Apr 2017 – Music by Marco Lo Russo in film, documentary, fiction for RAI TV

All Music Europa Marco Lo Russo

[…] In addition to the […] EP 7 Days, music production by the label Rouge Sound Production directed by Marco Lo Russo, who is ranked among the finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest national Lithuania 2017, music productions and compositions of the italian accordionist, composer and producer Marco Lo Russo were included in the film, documentaries, TV productionsfiction, this season also by RAI television […]

all music europa Marco Lo RussoÈ arrivata la felicità, Una grande famiglia, Un viaggio sfacciatamente unico, Centovetrine and Lady Detective and also on DVD in the Italian TV Story collection, the screenplay are some of the productions that include music by Marco Lo Russo as soundtracks. […] This confirms that Made in Italy […] by Marco Lo Russo not only takes the form of tours and international concerts, but also develops artistic musical creativity, even more often exported abroad. […] Marco Lo Russo participated at the opening of the GMG World Youth Day 2016 in Poland, with the presence of Pope Francis as well as at, international jazz festivals and concerts in Cuba, Africa, Mexico, Canada and USA. […]

ALL MUSIC EUROPA, aprile 2017

PDF Musica di Marco Lo Russo in film, documentari e fiction italiane RAI – All Music Europa

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