André Durand paints Tribute of Money


Between 2010 and 2011 Marco Lo Russo met the Canadian with Irish descent painter André Durand. During his career he has painted Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul II. The common artistic vision from the accordionist contemporary composer and the painter produces a valuable collaboration between the two artists. April 7, 2012, the exposure of the picture by André Durand Jesus Orion is celebrated with the performance of the oratorio: The last seven words of Christ by FJ Haydn.Marco Lo Russo transcribes and arranged entirely oratory for instrumental duo (classical accordion, flutes, saxophones and percussion) and, with the collaboration of multi-instrumentalist Massimo Zagonari, is performed in the Church of Santa Maria in the historic town of Sperlonga, Latina, Italy. L’occasione pubblica per parlare di questa esperienza artistica è stata offerta da Radio Vaticana nel programma VOLTI condotto dalla giornalista e scrittrice Laura de Luca che ha invitato per una esibizione e intervista Marco Lo Russo nel luglio 2015.

On this occasion André Durand had the inspiration to create a painting where Marco Lo Russo was the protagonist. After several years of study and comparisons between André Durand and Marco Lo Russo is realized the painting titled Tribute of Money.

Cristo della Moneta di Adnre Durand con Marco Lo Russo

Tribute of Money by André Durand with Marco Lo Russo

Information on the painting:
Subject: Render unto Caesar
Famous saying attributed to Jesus and reported in the synoptic gospels, particularly in Matthew 22:21, in Mark 12:17 and Luke 20:25. It is said also recorded outside the canonical writings: it is present in the Gospel of Thomas (100.2-3) and, reworked, in Egerton Gospel (3,1-6). Painting reference: Tribute of Money, 1516 by Titian
The public occasion to speak of this artistic experience was offered by Vatican Radio in the FACES program by journalist and writer Laura de Luca, who has called for a performance and interview Marco Lo Russo in July 2015.

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