Arborense Sept 2018 – Marco Lo Russo inaugurat concerts season


The protagonist artist […] is Marco Lo Russo, well known accordionist, […] His project Made in Italy aims to enhance the Italianism and its beauties through music and promote places symbol of Italian artistic heritage. How important is it for listeners to regain possession of places that are not very well known?

MLR: […] I consider it important to live the musical experience even in alternative places compared to the classical concert hall, to […] immerse the public in artistic cultural beauty; Made in Italy also has this mission among its objectives. […]

You were the first professor to have inaugurated the accordion chair at the Conservatory of Cagliari, what brings with it Sardinia? MLR: It is very difficult to express in words the many emotions experienced and that I live every time I come back to Sardinia. But I can trust that I bring with me a lot of this ancient, magical and wonderful island. […] I will never forget the many friends, colleagues at the Conservatory of Cagliari, but above all I will never forget what my wonderful students taught me.

The accordion is an music instrument that you rarely hear in concert, can you anticipate something about the show that will see you protagonist? MLR: Although the concert seasons today give more space to accordion concerts, it is still not a practice. However, this phenomenon also had positive effects. Over the years he has pushed many artists to create musical paths, if not entirely original, at least personal: often is invited the artist and not just because play the accordion. The repertoire that I will present at the Museo Diocesano Arborense is a journey of compositions whose primary purpose is the reworking of musical languages: a variation that allows a journey with the accordion from classical music to original compositions, from world music to jazz sounds and atmospheres Mediterranean.

Ave Maria Marco Lo Russo Rouge CoverHa composto l’Ave Maria dedicandola a Papa Francesco, posso chiederle come è nata questa idea?
MLR: L’idea nasce come ringraziamento a Papa Francesco per l’intenzione di preghiera che ha dedicato a tutti gli artisti nell’ Agosto 2017. In realtà, dopo aver aperto come fisarmonicista solista in Polonia la Giornata Mondiale della gioventù del 2016, già sentii l’esigenza di comporre un brano sacro. L’Ave Maria è stata la concretizzazione di questa esigenza. Infatti è stata presentata in occasione della première internazionale del mio concerto Sacra Armonia, per il Festival Notte Cracovia Sacra 2017 nel Santuario Fatebenefratelli a Cracovia.

Arborense Domenica in concerto inaugura la rassegna il fisarmonicista Marco Lo Russo settembre 2018

PDF Domenica in Concerto – inaugura la rassegna il fisarmonicista Marco Lo Russo

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