Award ETI 2005 Italian Theater

Premio ETI 2005 Olimpici del Teatro

Award ETI 2005 with Concha Bonita by Nicola Piovani and Alfredo Arias like best musical comedy that sees among the soloists of the Aracoeli Orchestra Marco Lo Russo like accordionist in acoustic and midi accordion. Important recognition for Italian theater, the ETI Prize, from 2011, retaining the same characteristics, change name in the awardLe maschere del teatro italiano, organized by the Naples Theater Festival Italy first and the Teatro Stabile di Napoli from 2015.

Extracts videos of Film, Cinema, TV and theater shows with Marco Lo Russo like accordionist and or composer

Theatrical performance suspended between fairy tale and comedy telling the story of Pablo, Argentine footballer who, starting from his country to discover the world, finds in Courage and sensuality the courage to become Concha. Thus begins his European tale and becomes a free woman with a new, marvelous life like Concha Bonita.

Concha Bonita Nicola Piovani

Music: Nicola Piovani
Directed by: Alfredo Arias
Soloists of the Aracoeli Orchestra

Pianist and director: Enrico Arias
Accordion acoustic and midi: Marco Lo Russo
Clarinet: Marina Cesari, Massimo Jean Gambini
Trumpet: John Comanducci
Accordion acoustic and midi: Marco Lo Russo
Cello and Guitar: Pasquale Filastò, Giovanna Famulari
Bass: Gianluca Pallocca, Giuseppe Blanco
Percussion: Ivan Gambini, Giacomo Sebastianelli
Battery: Oreste Soldano
Flutes / Sax: Alessio Alberghini
Characters and Interpreters in Order of Appearance
Raimundo: Mauro Gioia
Carlo: Gennaro Cannavacciuolo
Concha: Alejandra Radano
Pablo: Antonio Interlandi
Evavabette: Gabriella Zanchi
Myriam: Sandra Guido
Dolly: Sibilla Malara
Scenes: Francesco Bancheri
Costumes: Francoise Tournafond
Drawing lights: Raffaele Perin

Concha bonita

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