Award Opera IMAIE 2009 audiovisual


On 5th April 2009, at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, Italy, the final evening of the Opera IMAIE Award (third edition) was held. Opera IMAIE 2009 Award, from the Presidency to the show Lucì, Luci e volti del Faro for the audiovisual sector. The national recognition, awarded by the body that protects the rights of the performers performing the best works created for the music and audiovisual sectors. Live sound design live is entrusted to the accordion of Marco Lo Russo.

PDF Premio_Opera_Imaie_2009_vincitori

Lucì, Luci e volti del Farodi
by Salvatore Ronga and Laura Jacobbi
with Lucianna De Falco, Marco Lo Russo accordion
directed by Roberta Lena
live sound design Marco Lo Russo – Banda Città di Forio
music Enzo Nini
drawing lights and photography Franco Robust
video edited by Maria D’Ascia, Gianluca Castagna e Francesco De Falco
video operator Marco Bizzarro
clothes Susanna Soro
sound recording MedAudioVideo di Salvatore Ferraiuolo
sound and mix editing Bruno Ventura
editing Valentina Romano
assistant directorLucia Socci
elements of the scene Alessandra Ricci
scene photography Mriasilvia Patalano e Enzo Rando
makeup Glenda La Rocca
organization Stella Scapagnini
press office Marzia Spanu
administration Vilma Simoncelli

Thanks so mcuh to Stato Maggiore della Marina Militare Italiana

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