16 Jun 2019

Flavors and knowledge Made in Lazio

After the first, of the three videos, of the project Made in Lazio Priverno by Marco Lo Russo, dedicated to art and history with the song Tango Antiguo, taken from the album Mediterranean accordion, like soundtrack, the second video is now online to the flavors and tastes of the town of Priverno in Italy. The soundtrack of this song is the song Life is beautiful by the Oscar-winning composer Nicola Piovani.

05 Jun 2019

Made in Lazio Priverno art and history

The first of three videos of the Made in Lazio Priverno project by Marco Lo Russo is online. Tango Antiguo is the song, excerpt from the Mediterranean Accordion CD by Marco Lo Russo, which is the soundtrack to a journey through Art, History and Culture in the Municipality of Priverno in Italy. Ideation Marco Lo Russo, production manager Silvia Vecchi, shooting and editing DroneXfly with the special participation of the choreographer and dancer Lele Gasparetto and the dancer Giuliana Mennella.


01 Jun 2019
Red Tango Marco Lo Russo

Video in Argentina

The tribute to Marco Lo Russo’s music comes directly from Argentina with a music videoclip shot in Buenos Aires. Produced by Conurbano Render Films the song Red Tango, from the Mediterranean accordion CD by Marco Lo Russo, protagonist of the music video, inspired the director Javer Ponce Cancino who made this video with the choreography by Silverio Valeriani and Valeria Bianchi. (more…)

20 Apr 2019
Marco Lo Russo ph by Enrico Duratorre

Happy Easter Made in Lazio

Italy is full of places with a deep historical soul. The project Made in Lazio Priverno by Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association, seeks to highlight the reality of a welcoming, hospitable and rich in genuine humanity. Art, culture, craftsmanship and traditions, which are lost in the mists of time are the ingredients of this pearl Made in Italy of the Lazio region. Happy Easter with an extract from the Good Friday procession on April 19th 2019.


14 Apr 2019
Marco Lo Russo on Rouge Sound Studio ph by Mimmo Paparo

Loreno Sguanci documentary

Meetings are always precious, especially with other artistic souls, such as sculptors and painters like Loreno and Luca Sguanci with whom Marco Lo Russo shared creative moments that allowed him to develop over the years sensitivity towards plastic and pictorial art beyond and that to (more…)

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