13 Aug 2015

Music for the ballet 3.1 by Marco Lo Russo

Rouge Sound Production always in turmoil! Work in progress on the writing of the music for the ballet of the young dancer and choreographer Valerio Polverari. Music by Marco Lo Russo. Soon more details on the protagonist and the staging. The debut is planned for next season. (more…)

08 Jul 2015
Josue Otero Tacoronte Paolo Uccelli and Marco Lo Russo

Recording session for the new album by Josué Tacoronte Otero

Another international music co-production by Rouge Sound Production. We are doing the recording sessions for the tracks of accordion for the new album music production Brouwer Flamenco by Cuban guitarist and composer Josué Tacoronte Otero, winner of Cubadisco 2013. Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has been invited to perform live concerts like accordionist the first time in Cuba at International Festival Leo Brouwer in 2012. With Josué Tacoronte Otero had the burden of performing in concert in Cuba in October 2014 for the white night of Flamenco dedicated to Paco de Lucia at International Festival Leo Brouwer of Chamber Music. Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge will be a special guest in this music production of the new album by Josué Tacoronte Otero.


26 Jun 2015

International Video Contest Modern Accordion

Music is looking for images – Make your video!
Marco Lo Russo Music Center Cultural Association in Sermoneta, Italy in collaboration with Giuseppe De Santis Association, Fondi, Italy and Flipper Music organizes the MODERN ACCORDION International Video Contest. (more…)

27 May 2015
il bellodi Avana Cuba

Five questions about Havana, answered by Marco Lo Russo

Marco Lo Russo: describe him as “famous accordionist” would not be enough for his skill and for the importance of his project. The whole world sees him as a champion. Cuba miss him very much.
Alessandro Zarlatti, Havana, Cuba, May 21, 2015 (more…)

13 Feb 2015

André Durand paints Tribute of Money

Between 2010 and 2011 Marco Lo Russo met the Canadian with Irish descent painter André Durand. During his career he has painted Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul II. The common artistic vision from the accordionist contemporary composer and the painter produces a valuable collaboration between the two artists. April 7, 2012, the exposure of the picture by André Durand Jesus Orion is celebrated with the performance of the oratorio: The last seven words of Christ by FJ Haydn. (more…)

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