11 May 2020

Maria’s journey

Ave Maria by Marco Lo Russo like as soundtrack to the team Dronexfly’s video in homage to Our Lady of Grace in the City of Nettuno, Rome, Italy.

14 Apr 2020
La Dolce Vita Federico Fellini

Tribute to Federico Fellini

In homage to the centenary of the birth of the Italian director Federico Fellini, we published with our label Rouge Sound Production the musical production of the single, for solo accordion played by Marco Lo Russo, La Dolce Vita. (more…)

09 Apr 2020

Happy Easter

Easter 2020 will be remembered in history in a particular way because of what is happening with the coronavirus in all part of the world. Much pain and suffering especially for those who have lost loved ones and could not even greet them with dignity. Saturday 11 April 2020,


01 Apr 2020

United against coronavirus

The world mourns the victims of the coronavirus. United by the music, with the help of prayer, we hope that everything will pass as quickly as possible. Together we will make it!

14 Mar 2020
Marco Lo Russo

Free music

We have included on official soundcloud by Marco Lo Russo some audio tracks that can be listened to for free. Everything will be OK. Musical hugs with 100 songs! (more…)

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