12 Jan 2020
Ave Maria Marco Lo Russo Madonna Pompei

Music tribute to Madonna of Pompei

On 10 January 2020 the Madonna del Rosario of Pompeii, on the initiative promoted by Don Sandro Guerriero parish priest of the sanctuary of the Madonna del Cielo, with the collaboration of radio Civita in Blu arrived in the city of Fondi in the province of Latina. Marco Lo Russo with his Ave Maria composed and dedicated to Pope Francis featuring the soprano (more…)

01 Jan 2020

Happy new year in music

An 2019 intense and full of emotions in music which involved Marco Lo Russo and his Made in Italy in numerous concerts, projects, musical productions, soundtracks and international events. In addition to the activity like professor in Conservatory of music, being able to summarize the

13 Dec 2019

Italian Excellencies Chamber of Deputies

Wednesday 11 December 2019 a conference was held on Italian Excellencies in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies in Montecitorio, Rome, Italy. Interesting comparison and analysis on Made in Italy (more…)

08 Dec 2019

Italian excellence on Isoradio RAI

One night, the one between 7 and 8 December 2019, to the microphones of radio RAI Isoradio in the program Notte Sicura conduced by Alessandro De Gerardis and Ida Guglielmotti. In addition to the interview and to having proposed (more…)

04 Nov 2019

New playlist on Spotify

Released a playlist on Spotify that collects music by Marco Lo Russo like accordionist, composer, arranger and producer! Enjoy (more…)

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