Who won the Modern Accordion International Video Contest?

Marco Lo Russo at Fondi Film Festival

Thursday September 24 2015, during the FONDIfilmFESTIVAL’s fourteenth edition, International Video Contest MODERN ACCORDION’s videos finalists were screened.
Competition was managed by the Musical Cultural Association Marco Lo Russo Music Center with Association Giuseppe De Santis and Flipper Music Srl Music Publishers with the aim of advancing the creation of video clips made by professional and amateur video makers, inspired by album MODERN ACCORDION of Master Lo Russo, born and commissioned as a work record to synchronize with images. Listen Modern Accordion on Spotify or buy on: iTunesAmazon or Google Play.
These the video maker finalists: Feelings by Maddalena Serra (Portugal), Passion and Faith by Fabrizio Calamia (Italy), Sunset Dream by Benny Hennebel (Belgium), Taksim Accordion by Karin Krah (Holland).

The jury awarded the following awards:
Award for Best Video to “Passion and Faith”
Very nice in terms of stylistic and technical, high intensity, it blends very well music and images and it is able to express, in a few seconds, the emotions of the individual participants in the religious ritual. Pure passion.

Special mention to “Taksim Accordion”
The choice of the song which show anxiety, uncertainty and dynamism well supports the narrative construction which the video editing gives the right rhythm in escape sequences, dynamics and vibrants.

RTG Telegolfo – XIV Fondi FILM Festival 


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