Cinematic piano accordion by GeM in HD resolution in Japan

Cinematic Piano Accordion Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge Gino Marcelli

We are very happy to report that our productions and co-productions are increasingly popular on the international market: Cinematic piano accordion by Gem duo Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge with Gino Marcelli will be distributed in Japan by E-Onkyo Music for GBMusic Label.

The album Cinematic Piano Accordion by Marco Lo Russo with Gino Marcelli, GeM Duo, is online from April 2015. Album is publisher by Giacomo Bondi’s label GBmusicMarco Lo Russo and Gino Marcelli, eclectic musicians who love Mediterranean and contemporary sounds, gave birth to an original interpretation of the most famous international soundtracks, revisited in jazz ways, but also played unpublished music. Marco Lo Russo’s accordion and Gino Marcelli’s piano talk each other through a playful performance. The two musicians play with their instruments, extemporize being founded on Italian melodies, international ones, jazz standard musics and original compositions. It will be a musical journey by those two artists. They don’t lose sight of the today’s musical background but they are able to relive surrounding feelings. Cinematic Piano Accordion by Marco Lo Russo and Gino Marcelli is litterally a dive in cinema’s world. Out in all online stores.

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Some video live

Marco Lo Russo e Gino Marcelli by Arkadiusz Sędek.

Marco Lo Russo e Gino Marcelli by Arkadiusz Sędek.

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