Holy Shroud in world vision TV RAI perform like accordionist

Ostensione Sacra Sindone

Performing in these occasions, you are a believer or not in God, presents us to the question of the mystery of creation. To admire the Holy Shroud from very close, as only a few people can do, it was immense emotion that never forget in my life. A moment of silence extremely intimate and precious that lived in the Easter of 2013 from the Cathedral of Turin, Italy during the exhibition for RAI TV at the exhibition of the Holy Shroud.

Watch the video excerpt!

Marco Lo Russo al trucco prima della diretta

Marco Lo Russo in the makeup room before the live TV


Marco Lo Russo Enzo Decaro Simona Colonna

Marco Lo Russo with  Enzo Decaro and  Simona Colonna

Marco Lo Russo Francesca Fialdini Simona Colonna

Marco Lo Russo with Francesca Fialdini and Simona Colonna

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