Latina Oggi Aug 2018 – Maestro Lo Russo on Raiuno

Latina editoriale oggi

Saturday, September 1st 2018, special guest of the TV program A Sua Immagine. […] Maestro Marco Lo Russo who, in addition to being interviewed, will perform an unpublished instrumental version, for solo accordion, of the Ave Maria he composed and dedicated to Pope Francis […] among the italian musicians more representative of the new generation, the Maestro Lo Russo is an extraordinary performer, accordionist, composer, arranger […] professor in Conservatory of Music.

His main merit is to given a different image of the accordion, not only popular instrument of the collective imagination. He has performed on stages all over the world and has participated in some of the most prestigious international events. The Ave Maria is wonderful […]

PDF Latina Editoriale Oggi Marco Lo Russo su RAIuno Serena Nogarotto 29 agosto 2018

Marco Lo Russo su RAIuno Latina editoriale Oggi

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