Live music proposal concert show

Linguist variation: recital for solo accordion

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge ph by Marcin Brzózka

Made in Italy: concert show with accordion and the art of the seven Italian music notes

Sacred Harmony: concert of classical and sacred music for accordion

Concert repertoire for accordion soloist with orchestra or ensemble

Modern Accordion: concert of electronic music show with acoustic accordion

Mediterranean accordion: sensuality and mediterranean feeling for jazz accordion in quartett

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge photo by Roberto Gabriele

Cinematic: soundtracks cinema in concert for accordion acoustic, ensemble or orchestra

Fashionmatic: sound design for fashion shows with accordion and electronic music

Marco Lo Russo a New York ph by Lada Vakker

Tanghera, scent of Tango: passion and sensual atmosphere with the accordion

Artematic: accordion in concert with extemporaneous painting action painting concert

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