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Music is good and can do good! This is the motto of the Marco Lo Russo music center association. Thanks to the concerts and shows Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo we have succeeded in helping and supporting different realities that help children and young people in difficulty: Los Fridos and the OEPV in Mexico. Now we start again with another charity campaign to help those in need. In the next trips, in addition to music and Italian culture, the desire to bring humanitarian support and concretely help disadvantaged people with charity.

I ragazzi della OEPV Orquesta Escuela di Puerto Vallarta Messico sono stati coinvolti nel finale di uno dei concerto del Made in Italy tour concert 2018

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Charity fundraising project
Bank account: Associazione Marco Lo Russo Music Center:
IBAN: IT34 X083 4414 7000 0001 2845 037
Causal: Charity fundraising projects
Bank: BancAnagni, Latina Scalo, Latina, Italy

Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association
Music and Cultural Association Concerts, Events and Music Training
Via Torno, 18 Zip code 04013 Sermoneta, Latina, Italy
VAT 0251647059

President: Maestro Marco Lo Russo
Vice President and accounting: Mariangela Billera – Telefax +39.0773.33.18.701
Consulting and international relations: Giulio Vinci – Mob. +39.340.94.04.250

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