Made in Italy in Mexico concerts and charity


On January 4, 2018 the first concert of Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018 by Marco Lo Russo to be held at the Vallarta Theater in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco where there is great expectation. The concert, which will officially open the Made in Italy show concert tour, will also be the occasion to have guests on stage the young boys of the OEPV choir, Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta, directed by Juan Pablo Félix Sánchez, will perform the Ave Maria composed by Marco Lo Russo, dedicated to Pope Francis, published by the label Rouge Sound Production RAI music editions.

Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo Teatro Vallarta

Made in Italy tour concert is not only a musical project, but also solidarity; a charity project, promoted by the Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association with the aim of creating a charity fundraising for Mexico and in particular for the OEPV boys.  The young musicians of the chorus of white voices, to the rehearsal for the execution of Ave Maria, in which Marco Lo Russo, Giulio Vinci and Paolo Uccelli of Boquita was present, welcomed the accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo very warmly which, among other things, with the pianist and arranger Giulio Vinci will also hold free masterclasses to all the students of the OEPV. Music is good and can do good!

Video extract of some moments of Marco Lo Russo’s masterclasses of 2013 and greetings by Alessandro Stifani, OEPV manager, who said thanks for the donation charity of June 2017 realized thanks to the Boquita world music concert in Fondi, Latina, Italy organize by Marco Lo Russo Music Center and A.R.S association.

Marco Lo Russo, Giulio Vinci, Paolo Uccelli, Juan Pablo Félix Sánchez e i ragazzi del coro della Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta

Marco Lo Russo, Giulio Vinci, Paolo Uccelli, Juan Pablo Félix Sánchez and the boys of the white voices choir of the OEPV, Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta

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