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Marco Lo Russo Made in Italy concerts

PRESS RELEASE:  The concerts tour, with the project Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo Rouge, arrives in Mexico from December 28, 2017 to January 25, 2018 with the aim of promoting the artistic and musical Italian-overseas and achieve a charity project. The Made in Italy concert tour, which officially debuted in 2015 during the Italian Culture Week in Havana, Cuba, curated by the Italian Embassy in Cuba, has enjoyed a lot of success over the years, so much so that it has always been sold out in the various countries that touched: USA, Canada, Africa and several European countries. Now Mexico, not new at the performances of contemporary Italian accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo, who has already performed there like accordionist, in recital, for the prestigious International Festival Ibérica Contemporánea 2013.

The Made in Italy Tour Concert Mexico 2018 by Marco Lo Russo, includes several concerts: from the Puerto Vallarta Theater, to the Italian Institute of Culture of Mexico City, from Querétaro to Guadalajara. In addition to the concerts there are the Masterclasses held by Marco Lo Russo and the pianist, keyboardist and arranger Giulio Vinci who, with the Mexican duo La Boquita, composes the band of Marco Lo Russo for the Made in Italy Tour Concert Mexico 2018. The repertoire of the concerts will range from pop to classical Italian music, all rearranged in electroacoustic with a mix of world music, jazz and soft EDM that characterizes the original sound of Italian accordionist, composer and producer Marco Lo Russo. Unfailing is the execution of the Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis, recently composed by Marco Lo Russo and presented as a world premiere on August 15, 2017 at the Night Krakow Sacred in Poland.

Marco Lo Russo is also linked to Mexico for a solidarity project for the OEPV, Esquela de Puerto Vallarta. In December 2017, the charity fundraising will be closed, promoted by the Marco Lo Russo Music Center association, in favor of the OEPV, which supports children and young people, with musical training programs, in difficult family situations of life. Marco Lo Russo, after a free training experience for youngsters in 2013, was impressed by this needy reality and for this reason, the Made in Italy project is also the soundtrack of the charity project in favor of Esquela de Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.
The label Rouge Sound Production, a music production workshop directed by Marco Lo Russo and coordinated by Giulio Vinci, is preparing for the release of some EPs with the re-interpretation, in an electro-acoustic key, of Italian music like Caruso by Lucio Dalla sung in Italian and Spanish. This is the video trailer.  Felices fiestas navideñas!











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