Made in Italy tour concert voice jazz accordion Gabon Africa june 2016

Vickos Ekondo Marco Lo Russo Gabon Africa

Continue the concerts with Made in Italy project by Marco Lo Russo which, from the world premiere of November 2015 for the Italian Culture Week organized by the Italian Embassy in Havana and with the world music Caribbean tour in May 2016 in Cuba, twice in ‘ span of a few months, has brought us up in Central Africa in Gabon in the city of Libreville to celebrate the seventieth year of the Italian Republic organized by the Italian Embassy in Gabon.

Video clips from the concert held in the Italian Embassy Residence June 2, 2016 on the occasion of the Italian Republic festivities.

Share the excellent result for the concerts held in such prestigious events, testimony is a personal appreciation letter by Ambassador in Gabon Paolo De Nicolo, is a lot, but in these countries, from Cuba to Africa the contact with ourselves, thanks the deep link with tradition, nature and the animal world is viscerally perceives. You can not be exhaustive in describing the wonderful emotions experienced, thanks to cultural and artistic lived but one thing remains etched from the first moment: the gaze of the people born here and the people that this land has taken a long time, is filled with wonder, amazement and joy for life. Never lose it! Merci!

In the picture of the post Marco Lo Russo with the famous Gabonese artist Vickos Ekondo known as the King of Tandima, during a pleasant meeting at the Italian Embassy residence in Libreville.

Video Backstage of the trip around Libreville Gabon Africa

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