Made in Lazio and Tourism Expo 2020

Made in Lazio Priverno

On Sunday 15 September, was presented the project Made in Lazio Priverno by Marco Lo Russo, on an intense and significant day in the auditorium of the former infirmary in the village of Fossanova in Priverno. In addition to the projection of the three music videos, flavors and knowledge, art, history, culture and events and traditions, the evening ended with an performance for accordion and electronic by Marco Lo Russo.

Made in Lazio Priverno, conceived by Marco Lo Russo, is a project by Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association for the municipality of Priverno, coordinated by the journalist Silvia Vecchi and created with the contribution of the Lazio Region and insert on the program Lazio delle Meraviglie.

The day was also an opportunity to present the initiative of the Municipality of Priverno Waiting for Fossanova Tourism expo 2020. An anticipation that will give life, next year, to the first edition of a great tourist fair designed to promote and present to the world of entrepreneurs and tour operators the enormous potential of southern Lazio.

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