Marco Lo Russo at Earth Day on Rai Play and Vatican News TV

PRESS RELEASE: #OnePeopleOnePlanet is the multimedia marathon, lasting 14 hours, scheduled for Friday 22 April to celebrate the 52nd World Earth Day, broadcast live on Rai Play and pre-recorded on Vatican News, for a great world celebration to protect the planet in which it will participate also Marco Lo Russo Rouge.

The relay of voices and hearts, as defined by the organizers, Earth Day Italy and the Focolare Movement, will start from 8:30 am, Italian time, on April 22nd, and continue uninterruptedly until 10:30 pm. On the occasion of the final moment of the marathon, from 9.00 pm, with the musical event of Earth Day Italia, curated by Tiziana Tuccillo and Maria Gabriella Marino, presented by Carolina Rey and this year entitled The voice of the Earth, it will also be broadcast the video contribution of the project, promoted by the Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS Association, Made in Italy concerts, reinterpretation of Italian music with Marco Lo Russo and other artists from around the world. The contribution, with arrangements and accordion performance by Marco Lo Russo, of a famous Italian song, is made in collaboration with artists from Mexico (the Duo la Boquita, with the voice of Silvia Basurto Castellanos and Paolo Uccelli on guitar) and from Argentina with the double bass player Javier Claudio Nunez. The voice of the Earth also includes the participation of numerous artists from Italy and the world including Giovanni Allevi, Tony Esposito, Simone Cristicchi, Licia Colò, Dargen D’Amico, Urano, Massimiliano Ossini, Raul Bova, Marco Lo Russo, La Boquita and many others.

#OnePeopleOnePlanet, now in its third edition, as well as live from the Auditorium Nuvola of Fuksas in Rome, on TV on Rai Play and on Vatican News, will welcome guests in presence and connections from different parts of the world, each conducted by different reporter, presenter or TV presenter. It will be a show through art, culture, sport, education, science and innovation, to rediscover the meaning of life, from the cultural roots that characterize us to the future that unites and above all launches, loudly, the message: let’s take care of our planet!





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