Awards and Appreciation

Awards and appreciations

Leo Brouwer Marco Lo Russo Rouge

Leo Brouwer – Ago 2016

Mr. Marco Lo Russo an astonishing Italian virtuoso accordion player specialized for years in classical, fusion and contemporary music. This new generation deserves special attention, I Think they’re unique.
Marco Lo Russo y David Blanco Made in Italy Piazza Vecchia Cuba

Italian Embassy in Havana Cuba – July 2016

Dear Maestro, it is a great pleasure for me to address you this letter of recognition and appreciation for the cooperation provided to the Embassy in the many cultural activities...
orpheus-award-2016 Cinematic Piano Accordion

Orpheus Award 2016 at CD music production Cinematic Piano accordion

Over the years Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has received prize, awards, personal appreciation and Orpheus Award nominations for several music production. Orpheus Award is considered among the most...
Paolo De Nicolo Maria Francesca Bartolomucci Vickos Ekondo Marco Lo Russo

Italian Embassy in Libreville Gabon – Jun 2016

Letter of the Ambassador Paolo De Nicolo for Made in Italy tour concert Dear Maestro, the aftermath of the celebrations in Libreville the 70m anniversary of the Italian Republic,...
Giulio Vinci Marco Lo Russo Isabel Bustos Leo Brouwer

Danza Teatro Retazos – Apr 2016

To Maestro Marco Lo Russo Through this letter we want to say thank you for worked as musical director and accordionist to the realization, with our Dance Theatre Company Retazos, the...

Award Nino Cepollaro 2013, Latina, Italy

Premio Nino Cepollaro 2013 to Maestro Marco Lo Russo for his extraordinary artistic talent, skills and creativity in bringing the name of the city of Latina in the world.

And also

1988 – 2002 winner of numerous national and international musical competitions.

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