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LORUSSO_M_C_sitoThe Marco Lo Russo Music Center, Social Promotion Association, founded in 2009 like Marco Lo Russo Music Center association, is based in Sermoneta in the province of Latina, Italy. Born like music school, among the first Roland V-Accordion (Virtual – Accordion) academies active in the national Italian territory, it also carries out cultural promotion activities through events, concerts, musical productions with the Rouge Sound Production, artistic training and also promotes initiatives for charitable and social activity.Music is good and can do good! Is our mission.
The Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS, organizes and promotes events, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, stages of high musical improvement, in collaboration with various Italian and foreign institutions including, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Embassies, Italian Institutes of culture in the world, universities, foundations, provinces, municipalities, educational centers, Italian and foreign associations. Among the numerous activities, events and concerts, carried out over the years of activity, by way of example we mention:
Leo Brouwer Marco Lo Russo Rougein 2009 and 2010, the Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS, has collaborated in the organization of Leo Brouwer’s masterclass, “Oltre i paisajes” (monographic concert, masterclass and guitar competition) and in the internships in which the composer himself, director world famous Cuban orchestra and guitarist.



Mediterranean accordion Future Tango by Marco Lo RussoIn 2011 he organized, with the patronage of the Province of Latina and with the collaboration of the provincial school office of Latina, the show event Mediterranean accordion future Tango at the theater Cafaro of Latina. The dance and music show involved numerous schools in the province of Latina, but also social centers for the elderly and recreational clubs. The three days, in which the artists interacted with students and guests, ended with a gala evening.

In 2013, the promotion of Italianity abroad began with the “Made in Italy Concerts”, with numerous events in support of disadvantaged children and young people. Marco Lo Russo Seoul South Korea






Dom na SkaleIn 2014 the APS Marco Lo Russo Music Center co-produced, in collaboration with the Polish foundation Poemat, for the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to the Holy See and the Museum of the Birthplace of John Paul II, the concert event The House on the Rock (DOM NA SKALE), made at the Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome, with the Polish singer-songwriter Agnieszka Chrzanowska.

Marco Grossi and Marco Lo Russo at Fondi Film Festival ph. by Enrico DuratorreIn 2015 the Marco Lo Russo Music Center, in collaboration with the Giuseppe De Santis Association of Fondi, Latina, Italy, launched the international videomaker competition “International video contest Modern Accordion”, in which the directors made video clips using the music by Maestro Marco Lo Russo. The winners presented their works during the 2015 FONDIfilmFESTIVAL. Among the jurors also the directors Emanuele Giliberti and Ruggero Gabbai.


Vickos Ekondo Marco Lo Russo Gabon AfricaIn addition to cultural activities, APS Marco Lo Russo Music Center, from 2016 to 2018, organized numerous concert tours in Cuba, Mexico, South Korea and Africa, to promote Made in Italy abroad.Marco Lo Russo Seoul South Korea




Marco Lo Russo e Eyerusalem Made in LazioIn 2019 the Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS carried out a territorial promotion project commissioned by the Municipality of Priverno, Latina and with the patronage of the Lazio Region. Made in Lazio Priverno was a work that engaged the Marco Lo Russo Music Center for seven months in which the characteristics of the territory were studied and three video clips were made, with original soundtracks and revisited by Marco Lo Russo, who enhance the historical-archaeological, cultural, food and wine and folkloristic aspects of the Municipality of Priverno. The works were presented in the Borgo di
Fossanova, Priverno, Latina, Italy and have been used by the institution to promote itself in various Italian and foreign fairs.

Lavorazione dei cestini Made in Lazio Priverno

The Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS boasts numerous certificates of merit for its charitable and social initiatives, cultural, educational and artistic dissemination activities in Italy and abroad.




Coro OEPV Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta Marco Lo RussoThe cultural promotion, the enhancement of the tradition Made in Italy, the establishment of musical instrument courses with innovative methodologies, concert lessons in public institutions, student concerts, the realization of internships with artists of international caliber and the charity and fundraising to help those in difficulty become the objectives and goals reached by a real laboratory of development, research and production aimed at raising awareness of art and culture.

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Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS
Via Torno, 18 Zip code 04013 Sermoneta, Latina, Italy
VAT 0251647059

President: Maestro Marco Lo Russo
Vice President: Silvia Vecchi Mob. +39.340.94.04.250
Accounting: Mariangela Billera – Telefax+39.0773.33.18.701

Music is good and can do good! Join us and support charity projects 

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