Musikbox Jun Jul 2006 – Jazz sound Tarabuk


[…] Marco Lo Russo fills the melodies with color and movement, it seems that he wants to put into music the smell of a gypsy party, or the Mediterranean flavor of the wind and the sun or the melancholy of Eastern Europe. He goes into every possible sound path without ever losing sight of the dialogue, the story’s dimension.

M. Lo Russo: Viaggiando

M. Lo Russo: Tarabuk

PDF Musikbox june july 2006 Tarabuk by Marco Lo Russo with Tiziano Zanotti

MUSIKBOK, Sara Scheggia, June-July 2006

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Musikbox Tarabuk Sara Sceheggia
Musikbox june july 2006 Tarabuk Marco Lo Russo with Tiziano Zanotti

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