Orpheus Award 2016 at CD music production Cinematic Piano accordion

orpheus-award-2016 Cinematic Piano Accordion

Over the years Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge has received prize, awards, personal appreciation and Orpheus Award nominations for several music production. Orpheus Award is considered among the most prestigious awards of the music production and record industry.


Orpheus Award 2016

The recent music production, the album Cinematic Piano Accordion by GeM duo with the pianist Gino Marcelli, released by GBMUSIC Label by Giacomo Bondi, in distribution  also on the Japanese market with the store E-Onkyo from April 2015, has received the prestigious Orpheus Award 2016 like the best CD in the World music music production category.

The album is available on the digital market on different platforms:
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Video with pics with some live recordings and tracks on the CD

Some tracks in the album on Soundcloud by Marco Lo Russo

The Orpheus Award is organized from Accordion ART festival by Renzo Ruggieri and boasts the collaboration of many artists, critics and journalists from music production.

This year the committee was composed of:
Gerlando Gatto (Italy, A Proposito di Jazz),
Fabio Ciminiera (Italy, www.jazzconvention.net)
Flavio Caprera (Italy, Jazzit),
Strumenti and Music (Italy, Instruments and Music magazine),
Paolo Picchio (Italy, Fisarmoniae, Suonare News),
Livio Bollani (Italy, La Libertà, Val Tidone Festival),
Kimmo Mattila (Finland, Hanuri magazine),
Amedeo Furfaro (Italy, Music News, Corriere del Sud),
Luigi Onori (Italy, Il Manifesto, A Proposito di Jazz),
Frederic Deschamps (France, Accordéon & Accordéonistes),
Stefano Dentice (Italy, Sound, Strumenti e Musica).

Cinematic Piano Accordion project: In the cinematographic language is one of the tools through which music expresses, in a broad and expanded manner, the representation of the archaic theory of emotions . It is a synergic language in which, since its origin, music has been a basic ingredient to emphasize and highlight the meaning of the movie. Marco Lo Russo and Gino Marcelli, who have both worked as composers in the world of cinema, theater and television, are well aware of the strict link which exists between music and cinema; as multidisciplinary artists who have transversally experimented in the fields of classic, contemporary, tango, jazz and electronic music, they hint at visual arts on the screen by freely reinterpreting in a personal way famous soundtracks and tunes, and by presenting original compositions.
Marco Lo Russo as accordionist and contemporary composer likes to arrange and also revisit compositions of other authors and, in keeping with his colleague Gino Marcelli, has given life to this music production recording project.

Track List:

1 Lucio Dalla, Caruso  – 03:44
2 Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Meedley (Once Upon a Time in the West, The Godfather, Titles, A Fistful of Dollars) – 04:40   
3 Ennio Morricone, New Cinema Paradiso,  feat. Juliana Cardoso Peres   – 02:52
Louis Bacalov, The Postman – 01:41     
5 Yann Tiersen, The Valse d’Amelie – 03:26    
6 Nicola Piovani, Life is Beautiful – 01:06          
7 Marco Lo Russo, Carillon – 06:21         
8 Joseph Kosma, Autumn Leaves  – 03:04        
9 Gino Marcelli, Jazz Waltzer (Live session) – 05:00      
10 Astor Piazzolla, Bruno Martino, Oblivion, Estate (Live session) – 05:15
11 Marco Lo Russo, Shadow (Live session) – 04:24

Orpheus Award 2016

Orpheus Award 2016

These are all the nominations in 2016 in several categories:


ARTISTI VARI, La Musica di Luigi Ferrari Trecate, CDMI
ANTONIO PERUCH, Homage to Tango, FAR
ROBERTO RUSALEN, Fragments of Time, Autoproduzione

LUCIANO BIONDINI, Senza Fine, Intakt record
LOCOMARKET feat C.IOANNA, Zingaria, OAP records
RENZO RUGGIERI, Canto di Natale, VAP
RENZO RUGGIERI, Valentino è Tango!, VAP
SIMONE ZANCHINI, Don’t try this anywhere, Inandout

CLAUDIO AZZARO, Walking in my world, Autoproduzione
MARCO LO RUSSO/GINO MARCELLI Gem Duo, Cinematic piano accordion, GBmusic
SANDRO PARADISI, White Disco, Barvin




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