Press Release

Marco Lo Russo Made in Italy concerts

Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018

PRESS RELEASE:  The concerts tour, with the project Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo Rouge, arrives in Mexico from December 28, 2017 to...
19th Dec 17
Ave Maria Marco Lo Russo Rouge Cover

Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis by Marco Lo Russo

PRESS RELEASE After the EP 7 Days, finalist at the Eurovision Song Contest Lithuania 2017, Rouge Sound Production, label directed by Marco Lo Russo and...
27th Nov 17
OEPV Mexico

Charity fundraising for Mexico

PRESS RELEASE: Charity fundraising for Mexico by Marco Lo Russo Music Center. Music is a universal language that unites peoples and makes us brothers of...
6th Nov 17
Marco Lo Russo Sacra Armonia Cracovia Sacra Polonia

In Sacred Krakow Ave Maria by Marco Lo Russo for Pope Francis

PRESS RELEASE Once again the notes from the accordion by italian Maestro Marco Lo Russo Rouge will resound in the enchanting Krakow, a city...
9th Aug 17
Marco Lo Russo with Leo Brouwer and Paolo Uccelli

World music concert by La Boquita from Mexico, Fondi, Italy

From Mexico, in concert of world music and flamenco in Italy, the musical duo Boquita with Silvia Basurto Castellanos, voice and percussion and Paolo...
13th May 17

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