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Marco Lo Russo ph by Mimmo Paparo

Music by Marco Lo Russo in Italian films TV and fiction RAI Television

PRESS RELEASE In addition to the recent EP Alanas – 7 Days, musical production by Rouge Sound Production label directed by Marco Lo Russo, finalists...
14th Apr 17
Marco Lo Russo ph by Enrico de Divitiis EdeDPhotos

Rouge Sound Production with Alanas 7 Days at final Eurovision Lithuania 2017 and accordion concerts in Italy

PRESS RELEASE   The single EP 7 Days is one of the favorites for the Eurosong in Kiev, meanwhile Marco Lo Russo is dedicated to...
28th Feb 17
Marco Lo Russo Rouge Sound Production and Alanas 7 days Erovision Song Contest 2017

Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo with Alanas to Eurovision Song Contest 2017

PRESS RELEASE Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge Sound Production and Alanas present the new EP single “7 days” at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 The label...
27th Jan 17
Marco Lo Russo ph Marcin Brzózka

After World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland festival accordion concert Trentino Valleys, Italy

PRESS RELEASE After signing with the prestigious Universal Music and the Orpheus Award for Cinematic continue satisfactions for Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge Many...
7th Sep 16
Agnieszka Chrzanowska Marco Lo Russo ph Marcin Brzozka

Week WYD 2016 events in Krakow Poland Italian-polish concert in honor Pope Karol Wojtyla

PRESS RELEASE Official preview of the new single for Universal Music by Agnieszka Chrzanowska feat. Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge. On the occasion of...
24th Jul 16

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