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Marco Lo Russo e Silvia Vecchi anniversario nozze

Annuario Cinema Italiano Apr 2020 – Happy Birthday in quarantine

countdown: April 27 will be the birthday by Marco Lo Russo and also the first wedding anniversary with the journalist Silvia Vecchi...
23rd Apr 20

Il Messaggero 13 dec – the accordion by Marco Lo Russo

Marco Lo Russo, aka Rouge, internationally renowned performer and artist, has made the accordion the undisputed protagonist of his musical art Made in Italy,...
16th Dec 19

Riche magazine sept – nov 2019 – The formidable Marco Lo Russo

The formidable composer, arranger and accordionist Marco Lo Russo in Korea.
30th Nov 19

Italian Embassy Oct 2019 – Congratulations

Congratulations to the Italian musician Marco Lo Russo for the exciting musical performance Italian Embassy in South Korea Seoul
4th Oct 19
Lazio TV Monitor

LazioTV sept 2019 – Success for the Korea tour

An extraordinary success in Korea for Marco Lo Russo a very successful tour Marco Lo Russo for the occasion he arranged, for...
1st Oct 19

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