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Freequency Anno VI n°7, Sett 2008 – Jazz e world music Ichnos

ICHNOS Una proposta musicale diversa, al confine tra classica, tango e jazz in cui il talento virtuosistico del musicista è al servizio della...
10th Aug 08
Jazz Italia

JazzItalia Notes two Aug 2008 – Mediterranean Accordion Live

The emotional intensity, the passionate discourse with style and properties of expression ability, the captivating and sweet creeping of accordionist Marco Lo Russo are...
1st Aug 08

Prove Aperte May 2008 – Audible alarm Mediterranean Accordion Live

Marco Lo Russo deserves all significant awards and acknowledgments which he already obtained An innate talent able to create melodies which arrive to...
1st May 08

Hanuri Suomen Harmonikkaliitto RY Jan 2008 – Tarabuk

Compositions with shades of Mediterranean countries, jazz and contemporary music it’s worth it.
1st Jan 08
Marco Lo Russo e Piera Degli Esposti foto by Roberto Recanatesi

Latina Oggi Dec 2007 – Musical notes and suggestions

A triumph, sealed by the three encores in front of a crowd that went into raptures And congratulations also came from Piera...
11th Dec 07

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