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Il Messaggero Nov 2007 – Accordion chameleon

Accordion chamaleon  Concert for solo accordion Marco Lo Russo, interpreter and researcher applies its nappy and scratchy sound to Bach’s severe writing, proceeding...
30th Nov 07
Cadence review-of-Jazz-Bues-Creative-improvised-Music-Tarabuk-by-Marco-Lo-Russo-with-Tiziano-Zanotti

Cadence (NYC) Lug 2007 – Tarabuk creative improvised Music

The accordion is the dominant voice Lo Russo’s songs are closer to avantgarde Lo Russo’s accordion is an instrument of expression...
10th Jul 07
Amadeus music Magazine

Amadeus Mar 2007 – Drum Sticks Everything can be percussion

If there is a song that should be used as the theme song of our life cycle and ‘just that: DRUM STIKS by...
15th Mar 07

Il Resto del Carlino Mar 2007 – Percussion doc at Rossini Theater, Pesaro, Italy

Rhythm and percussion at the Teatro Rossini of Pesaro for the festival concerts in the evening music this year the event...
5th Mar 07

Il Trillo del Diavolo Feb 2007 – Marie Galante by Deval with music by Weill

sweetness and longing of the accordion of a white angel: Marco Lo Russo is the master accordionist in the scene to which is...
23rd Feb 07

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