Press Review

Corriere della Sera

Il Corriere della Sera Feb 2007 – La Trappola di Kurt Weill

 Marie Galante at Rome Opera House  the solitary Marco Lo Russo at the accordion, always wearing a hat like the Weill’s heroes of the...
22nd Feb 07
Gazzetta di Parma

Gazzetta di Parma Oct 2006 – The dialogues of Tarabuk

The tonal richness that Marco Lo Russo manages to get out of his instrument bellows is very valuable, also for the density of...
5th Oct 06

Double Bassist number 38 Autumn 2006 – Tarabuk

The writing is in a modern style and melodic jazz, with touches of improvisation. The execution is fluid very beautiful and striking...
20th Sep 06

All About Jazz Aug 2006 – Tarabuk

music with no category because it is improvised on eclectic rhythms   Marco Lo Russo has great mastery of the instrument Throughout the album he...
2nd Sep 06
lo spettacolo Musica Tarabuk

Musica Lo Spettacolo Jul 2006 – Accordion and double bass meet together

Music delicate and intense. Simple but full of pathos, of melancholy, of distant stories and emotions to be lived in their own intimate...
8th Jul 06

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