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Musica Jazz magazine

Musica Jazz Jul 2006 – Dialogue between accordion and double bass

A mix of rhythm and color that perfectly matches an enjoyment-expressive sound and stylistic consistency. Lo Russo’s use of the bellows often touches...
1st Jul 06

Musikbox Jun Jul 2006 – Jazz sound Tarabuk

Marco Lo Russo fills the melodies with color and movement, it seems that he wants to put into music the smell of a...
5th Jun 06
Accordions Worldwide

Accordion Worldwide mag 2006 – Tarabuk

Marco Lo Russo esprime la gioia di comunicare senza influenzare il mistero. Le melodie, calde e di ampio respiro, sembrano venire da...
2nd May 06
Sabrina Ferilli Marco Lo Russo film Matilde regia Luca Manfredi

Latina Oggi Jun 2005 – Accordion and passion

Many commitments and prestigious experiences for the Pontine musician Accordion and passion His passion has never been hidden. You can fully grasp...
8th Jun 05
Latina editoriale oggi

Latina Oggi Jan 2005 – In tour with Nicola Piovani

A month full of dates for the Pontine musician. Marco Lo Russo Now the tour with Nicola Piovani
30th Jan 05

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