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Lazio TV Monitor

LazioTV Monitor Dec 2018 – Interview and live

Marco Lo Russo, just coming back from international success in Korea with the Made in Italy project, has been special guest, on 27 December...
31st Dec 18
Arts&Culture Seoul cover

Arts culture magazine Seoul Dec 2018 – accordion Made in Italy

Article on the Korean magazine Arts n Culture by Dongsu Jeon, about the concerts tour held in Seoul, in November 2018 for the Made...
5th Dec 18

Arborense Sept 2018 – Marco Lo Russo inaugurat concerts season

The protagonist artist is Marco Lo Russo, well known accordionist, His project Made in Italy aims to enhance the Italianism and its...
3rd Oct 18
Latina editoriale oggi

Latina Oggi Aug 2018 – Maestro Lo Russo on Raiuno

Saturday, September 1st 2018, special guest of the TV program A Sua Immagine. Maestro Marco Lo Russo who, in addition to being interviewed,...
31st Aug 18
Italia Living Marco Lo Russo Italian Luxury

Italia Living Aug 2018 – Celebrity Spotlight: Marco Lo Russo

Celebrity Spotlight: International Concert artist, Marco Lo Russo  is considered among the most representative musicians of the Italian contemporary music scene  Known for his...
27th Aug 18

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