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Repubblica Apr 2018 – Palermo: eight years at Zen, the film on SKY TV

 The inhabitants of Zen’s neighborhood with their lives first TV broadcast on Sky Atlantic. Sunday, april 15 at 9.15 pm, the film CityZen,...
15th Apr 18

TG regional RAI TV March 2018 – accordionist composer Marco Lo Russo

on stage the accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge with a journey that starts from jazz to reach the tango and...
22nd Mar 18
annuario italiano cinema

Italian Cinema Yearbook Gen 2018 – Standing Ovation Sacred Harmony concert

amazing success for the concert, in the national premiere, Sacred Harmony held by accordionist, Italian producer and composer Marco Lo Russo. accordionist of...
16th Feb 18
Latina editoriale oggi

Made in Italy in Mexico the art of aid

The Accordionist’s Solidarity Tour has gone off between performances and internships. Solidarity art Look at the young people the new tour of the...
30th Dec 17
Casa Pontificia udienza Papa Francesco

Vatican secretariat of state Pope Francis 2017

Letter of thanks received from the Vatican secretariat of state in response to the homage of the musical composition Ave Maria, sent and dedicated...
20th Oct 17

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