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Ave Maria world premiere for Pope Francis

The tenth edition of the Night Krakow Sacred The first world premiere of Ave Maria by the Italian composer Marco Lo Russo...
20th Aug 17
KAI Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna

KAI Aug 2017 – World premiere for Pope Francis in Kracow Sacred

at the Night Sacred of Krakow  the world premiere of Ave Maria by Italian composer Marco Lo Russo during his concert Sacra Armonia.  the...
12th Aug 17
All Music Europa Marco Lo Russo

All Music Europe Apr 2017 – Music by Marco Lo Russo in film, documentary, fiction for RAI TV

In addition to the EP 7 Days, music production by the label Rouge Sound Production directed by Marco Lo Russo, who is...
30th Apr 17
Alanas and Marco Lo Russo Rouge Sound Production at Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Delfi Jan 2017 – Italian Producer Eurovision Song Contest

collaborated with the composer of the soundtrack of the film Life is Beautiful, Nicola Piovani, produced the single J’adore for the singer of...
10th Feb 17
buongiorno Latina

Buongiorno Latina Dec 2016 – Interview at Marco Lo Russo

polyhedron musician accordionist, composer, arranger, producer (with his record label and recording studio Rouge Sound Production), musician, orchestra conductor and conservatory professor, estimated...
8th Dec 16

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