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Marco Lo Russo

Parvapolis Feb 2016 – The alchemist Marco Lo Russo

The alchemist Marco Lo Russo – “My life in music!” The man and the artist, when you meet someone like Marco Lo Russo you can not...
25th Feb 16

Ricettario Tipico Feb 2016 – Made in Italy Ingredients of Success

Sometimes the life makes you meet extraordinary people. Marco is a deep character, humble, able to listen to the next, showing a...
15th Feb 16
il caffe TV Latina settimanale

Il caffè Jan 2016 – traveling to represent the Made in Italy

The Accordionist Marco Lo Russo it is ready for a 2016 of concerts around the world him it is increasingly projected abroad with...
22nd Jan 16
il mattino

Il Mattino Dec 2015 – Accordion…

The artist Marco Lo Russo, internationally renowned accordionist  PDF Il Mattino december 28, 2015
30th Dec 15

Interview behind my house with my accordion: Merry Christmas!

Thank you and Merry Christmas! December 23 2015. Taken the accordion (Lola), after lunch, we go in for an interview radio concert. This time the...
24th Dec 15

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