7 Days

7 Days – Rouge Sound Production 2017  Eurovision Song Contest 2017  The album music production, in EP, 7 Days with the Lithuanian singer Alanas was produced by the Italian label and recording studio Rouge Sound Production directed by Marco Lo Russo , has been classified in the national final of the Eurovision Song Contest Lithuania 2017. The EP 7 Days, produced by Rouge Sound Production, like the EP J’adore for In-Grid singer, J’abite une frontière album with French singer Eva Lopez, single Nostalgia i Ty and the album Piosenki Do mężczyzny with Polish singer Agnieszka Chrzanowska and soundtracks for Cinema, TV, Fitcion Rai, are testimony to the diverse musical production capacity of the label Rouge Sound Production and the eclectic creativity of its porducer and director Marco Lo Russo.

The Ep Alanas – 7 Days currently, also with Paki & Jaro remix, is available on all online stores.

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Video lyrics ufficiale radio version

Also listen to Alanas 7 Days remix by Paki & Jaro on our soundcloud official channel Rouge Sound Production

Or watch the video Alanas – 7 Days remix version by Paki & Jaro – Rouge Sound Production

Alanas and Marco Lo Russo Rouge Sound Production at Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Coffee break Alanas and Marco Lo Russo in Vilnius, Lituania, 2017

Marco Lo Russo e Alanas

Marco Lo Russo and Alanas

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