A Sua Immagine

A Sua Immagine in onda on RAI 1
Marco Lo Russo
interviewed and guest with live performance for solo accordion with Ave Maria composed and dedicated to Pope Francis in the television program A Sua Immagine broadcast on RAI Uno. A Sua Immagine, was born in October 1997 like a weekly cultural program for RAI TV since 1954. Over time it has been defined as a program of cultural and religious comparison and is carried out in collaboration with the Italian Episcopal Conference.

The program, by Gianni Epifani and Laura Misiti, with the collaboration of Lorena Bianchetti, Salvatore Izzo, Aurelio Molè, Carmela Radatti, Lorenza Rossi, Gida Salvino, Marta Tornillo, Vincenzo Faccioli Pintozzi, Roberto Fittipaldi, airs on Saturday afternoons and Sunday morning. Study directors are Marco Brigliadori and Gaia Valeria Rosa.
Next to them a group of directors who work in a pool, realize the external services for the episodes of the program: Barbara Borgiotti, Maria Amata Calo ‘, Gabriele Caruba, Lucio Cocchia, Danila Filippone, Andrea Schneider, Salvatore Tomai, Mauro Albanesi. Executive Producer Daniela Piccioni. Program secretariat: Manuela Buontempi, Francesca Colantoni, Giovanna Di Carlo, Francesca Lo Bianco.

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