Artematic: accordion in concert with extemporaneous painting action painting concert

Painting in the concert with sounds by accordion solo and listen during watching painting is a combination that brings in the cultural exchange between artists who has renaissance flavor.

Music and painting blend their aesthetic and creative poetic in an event that includes a concert with the realization of a painting extemporaneous. This is the objective of this cultural art project for accordion and art painting. Research, study, curiosity and thirst for knowledge he has always fueled the creativity by Marco Lo Russo proposes this action painting concert with accordion and an artist. Creativity of artistic achievement with a sound world that is based on improvisation from archaic to contemporary music in a mix of musical languages who intersect the accordion concert with the visual art for a particular performance.

Repertoire: musical journey from classical to improvised music
Estimated Duration: about two hours
Location suggested: theater, alternative place, the square
Human resources: Marco Lo Russo with a personal assistant, a figurative artist (suggestion by us or your, prior approval after viewing the works).


Cristo della Moneta di Adnre Durand con Marco Lo Russo

Cristo della Moneta di André Durand con Marco Lo Russo

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