Cinematic: soundtracks cinema in concert for accordion acoustic, ensemble or orchestra

Not only an accordionist for the Oscar Prize Nicola Piovani, composer of the soundtrack of the film Life Is Beautiful by and with Roberto Benigni, Marco Lo Russo expressed his creativity for audiovisual, composing, arranging and performing music for film, cinema and television.

The Cinema and Film language is one of the tools through which music expresses meaning in an expanded archaic theory of affects which from the beginning has used the sound and noise as basic ingredients to highlight or emphasize the significance on film. In this scenario, the accordion, has had numerous roles to identify the emotional particulars and atmospheres. Cinematic, CD title namesake, Award Orpheus 2016, is a concert proposal that gives a nod to visual screen offering popular soundtracks of Italian and international cinema: the proposed in the form of recital in accordion solo, in ensembles or with the orchestra and accordion soloist with the original arrangements of soundtracks by Marco Lo Russo.

Repertoire: soundtracks of cinema Italian and international
Estimated duration: about two hours
Location suggested: theater, concert hall, square
Human resources:
Solo: Marco Lo Russo with personal assistant
Duo: accordion and piano.
Ensemble or Orchestra with conductor (from the quintet: accordion and string quartet or accordion and orchestra with conductor): Marco Lo Russo with personal assistant.

Note: You must to be provide: orchestra, ensemble with conductor or string quartet.  If the concert includes the string quartet or chamber orchestra, Marco Lo Russo it can coordinate and do not require the conductor.

Orpheus Award Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Orpheus Award 2016 Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

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