CityZen (2015) is film directed by Ruggero Gabbai. In the neighborhood known as ZEN, built in 1969 at the margins of Palermo and never completed, lives a community neglected by the institutions and which is considered by all the other citizens like a cyst on the urban tissue of the city. The residents of the ZEN talk about their lives, their broken hopes to find a job and their struggles to make a living in a documentary shot in the span of eight years. Marco Lo Russo composed soundtrack with compositions in acoustic accordion and electronics music.

Directed by: Ruggero Gabbai
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 75 min
Editor: Cristian Dondi
Screenplay: Ruggero Gabbai, Francesca Olga Hasbani, Lorenzo Hassan
Directors of photography: Massimo Schiavon, Emilio Giliberti
Music: Marco Lo Russo
Sound: Alessio Fornasiero
Associate Producers: David Calo, Mosi Heffetz, Marcel Danon, Monica Alhadeff, Franco e Valentina Tesoro .
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: Dolby Digital
Produced by: Forma International, Sicilia Film Commission

Video about Film, Cinema, Television and Theater show with Marco Lo Russo like accordionist and or composer

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