Concert repertoire for accordion soloist with orchestra or ensemble

The repertoire for accordion soloist with orchestra or Ensemble includes original compositions, classical concerts, songs by contemporary composers, soundtracks, reinterpretations and arrangements by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge.

The musical performances are enriched and revised with the interpretive sonorous humus, contemporary and archaic by Marco Lo Russo, that not only accordionist, that leads inevitably in itself and that distinguishes him like excelled accordion soloist of international caliber.

Repertoire: contemporary classical, avant-garde, transcriptions, adaptations, soundtracks, operas and songs in world premiere and more: music by Alban Berg, Luciano Berio, Astor Piazzolla, Leo Brouwer, Renato Grisoni, Gioachino Rossini, Paul Hindemith, Louis Bacalov, Dmitrij Šostakovič and many others.
Estimated Duration:
single performance like special guest or one hour and thirty minutes
Locations suggested: theater or concert hall
Human resources: Marco Lo Russo with personal assistant.
You must to be provide: orchestra, ensemble with conductor or string quartet.

Note: If the concert includes the string quartet or chamber orchestra, Marco Lo Russo it can coordinate and do not require the conductor.

Marco Lo Russo Leo Brouwer Cuba

Marco Lo Russo and Leo Brouwer

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