Il mio Piero Ciampi

Gianni Marchetti, Il mio Piero Ciampi – Pesi e Misure, Coniglio Editore 2012.
Gianni Marchetti was the author of the music of almost all the songs of the italian singer-songwriter Piero Ciampi. After the death of the poet on 19 January 1980, his album were reprinted and re-evaluated by critics and audiences. Modest and discreetly, the pianist and composer Gianni Marchetti, deceased on 11 April 2012, never wanted to release interviews or statements about his ten years of partnership and artistic collaboration with Ciampi. In 2010, thirty years after the disappearance of his friend, he felt it necessary to tell in a book and in a musical production in CD the lived and creative work traveled together. Musical production also see featured Marco Lo Russo like accordionist.

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