La Machetera

La Machetera (2021) is a film by director Yanet Pavon based on a subject by Esnedy Milan Herrera. Set in and shot in Cuba, it is the story of Marisol, a woman who in the 70s in a macho and complex Cuba, challenges the rules of a purely male job, that of the machetero (sugar cane cutter) trying to carve out a space of respect and dignity. Her story, which takes place in the rurality of a country enchanted by the Russian dream, unfolds in unspoiled landscapes, where the small choices of each one contribute to the creation of a universe of relationships, emotions and often complex choices.

The realization of the project, carried out with tenacity and perseverance by the producer and protagonist, Esnedy Milan Herrera, founder of Leon Cuba Film, makes use of young talents and international excellence, giving the project a chorality that accentuates the highly topical issues, such as equal rights and the need for a new female and feminist movement. Marco Lo Russo has signed and curated the soundtrack produced by Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS – Rouge Sound Production.

Directed by Yanet Pavón Bernal Sondtrack and music by Marco Lo Russo Produced by LEON CUBA film Direttore della Fotografia Giuliano Gastaldi Sceneggiatura Valentina Orrù Montaggio Marcello Spolletini Scenografia Luis Ricardo Faura Perez Sound Design Andrea Gramigna.

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