Made in Italy: concert show with accordion and the art of the seven Italian music notes

Concert show concept in which it is proposed, with eclecticism of the accordion, Italian music revisited, classical and modern, in acoustic and electronic support: from international Pop repertoire, by Paolo Conte to Lucio Dalla, by Domenico Modugno to Luigi Tenco, by Lucio Battisti to Bruno Martino, to the classical by Rossini to Paganini, by Vivaldi to Pergolesi, through the soundtracks of Italian cinema such as Morricone and Piovani. Made in Italy concert, also, is a charity project that collects charitable funds to be donated to guy and children in the world who live disadvantaged realities supported and promoted by the Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association.

The songs are rearranged and proposed in concert, like the numerous Made in Italy tour conccert concept performed in varius country in the world: Cuba, Africa, International Music Jazz Festival in Europe and USA (Jazz Foundation of America) and for international events to the presence of Pope Francis like World Youth Day and Krakow Sacred in Poland. The concert show is available in different formations, in accordion solo or band, with the accordion like musical instrument leader and the involvement of other international artists (musicians and singers renown) like special guests.
Curiosity: Made in Italy was its world premiere during the Week of Italian Culture November 2015 in Cuba curated by Italian Embassy in Havana.

Repertoire: Pop Italian music, classical, soundtracks, electronic
Estimated duration: about two hours
Locations suggested: variable from place collected or outdoors depending on the human Resources employed for the concert.
Human resources employed:
Solo: Marco Lo Russo with personal assistant
Duo: (vocals and accordion or accordion and piano): Marco Lo Russo with a personal assistant, a musician or singer.
Trio or Band: Marco Lo Russo, singer and piano, most musicians

Note: May be involved on-site artists of renown

Marco Lo Russo Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018

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