Modern Accordion

Modern Accordion – Flipper Music 2012 JFP Award 2017
Album, music production with acoustic accordion and electronic contamination of soundtracks composed by Marco Lo Russo from the chillout to the edm.
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Official video clips: Marco Lo Russo – Moon over Catamarca from Modern Accordion CD

Other official video clips of finalists of the Modern accordion International video Contest.

Marco Lo Russo – Solemn Promises
from Modern Accordion CD
Video Passion and Faith by Fabrizio Calamia (Italy)

Marco Lo Russo – Taksim Accordion
 from Modern Accordion CD
Video Taksim Accordion by Karin Krah (Netherlands)

Marco Lo Russo – Moments in life
 from Modern Accordion CD
Video Feelings by Madalena Serra (Portugal)

Marco Lo Russo – Solemn Promises 
from Modern Accordion CD
Video Sunset dream by Benny Hennebel (Belgium)

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