Smoking Pessoa

Smoking Pessoa from the Tabaccheria by Fernando Pessoa, is a Teather show that debuted in the XVI edition of the Fontanone Summer 2011, Rome Italy. The Theatrical performance, he plays with the eteronyms with which the writer Fernando Pessoa decomposed his personality. In this text, written, interpreted and directed by Roberta Lena with the accompaniment of accordionist Marco Lo Russo, attempts are made to open a window on the world with literary and cinematic references that directly involve the spectator.
A stage near the audience is the interior of the protagonist’s brain and behind yet window, which is all the real world out.
An actress and a musician with the accordion, Marco Lo Russo on a wheelchair using the accordion for both playing music and simulating the typewriter.
Directed by Roberta Lena
Cast: Roberta Lena and Marco Lo Russo.

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