Tanghera, scent of Tango: passion and sensual atmosphere with the accordion

The Tango, art of seduction, lifestyle in the form of music, dance and song is definite a danced feeling.

Place of meeting and collective aggregation for men coming from all over the world, the music genre born in Buenos Aires, with the bandoneon, musical instrument of the accordion family, appears to be an affirmation of identity and a ritual of liberation from the anguish of life. Sensuality is the word that describes this project, proposed by instrumental Duo or in Trio with voice and wanting even with a pair of dancers, is meant to pay tribute to one of music genres become intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Since its origins, the bandoneón, variant of accordion, of which supreme interpreter was Astor Piazzolla, interpreted the Argentine popular music embodying the revolutionary style of a genre that has become representative of an entire nation. Tanghera wants to be a journey through the world of Tango. Famous songs of the tango repertoire create the program of the concert show with compositions by Bakalov, D’Arienzo, Gardel, Rodriguez, Sarli, Sosa, Velazquez, Piazzolla, Pugliese, Troilo and original scores by Marco Lo Russo with instrumental incursions, sung and recited. A magical atmosphere that will revive, thanks to the poignant sound of the accordion, the Scent of Tango.

Repertoire: Argentine Tango (Milonghero, Canyengue, Salon Tango and Tango Nuevo)
Estimated duration: about two hours
Location suggested: theater, concert hall, square
Human resources:
Duo: Accordion and piano.
Trio: Marco Lo Russo with personal assistant, violinist and actress / singer in our care.
Note: If you wish we can involve a pair of tango dancers


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