The Bible day and night

The Bible day and night, RAI 1, RAI Vaticano, RAI Educational, 2008

From Sunday 5 October to Saturday, October 11, 2008, the Basilica of Holy Cross of Jerusalem, Rome, Italy was the theater of the TV event broadcast on RAI 1 and RAI Vatican, which saw the full reading of the Bible, Ancient and New Testament, for seven days and six nights without interruption and comments.
Starting from the original initiative of a group of enthusiasts, Giuseppe De Carli and Elena Balestri, they revisited the idea for TV Rai Vatican, creating a project that has found full adherence by the RAI. More than 1200 people of every age, social category, and religious affiliation have alternated Bible reading.
The readings have provided music performances by several musicians including Marco Lo Russo to the accordion, both as a soloist with some classical music songs, and in duo with the Ichnos musical project for violin and accordion.

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