The seeding

The seeding (2016) short film by the actor and director Carmine Scalzi.
A morgue, a father, his dead son. A fable to tell him before their last good bye. But what if it was real?
Marco Lo Russo signed the soundtrack and is featured like actor in this Carmine Scalzi cinematic work.

Marco Lo Russo, Carmine Scalzi ph Mimmo PaparoCast:
Nicola Di Paola
Max Amato
Marco Di Stefano
Paola Scotto Di Tella
Marco Mortale
Marco Fortunato Iannitello
Daniele Savina
Stefano Valenzi
Marco Lo Russo
Gabriele Mentana
Alessandro Gruttadauria

Directed: Carmine Scalzi
Genre: Drama Fantasy, Short Film, 1: 85.1
Script: Carmine Cristallo Bouncing
Music: Marco Lo Russo
Sound: Massimiliano Reali, Stefano Salvati
Assistant Director: Corinna Coroneo
DP, Editing, Postproduction: Carmine Cristallo Scalzi
Makeup: Carla Losito
Costumes: Katia Folco
Edition: Tiziana Fulgenzi

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