Tribute to Giuseppe Fava

Omaggio a Giuseppe Fava Centro sperimentale di Cinematografia Roma

Tribute to Giuseppe Fava, MIBACT and Experimental Center for Cinematography, Rome, Italy 2014

Thirty years after death, a tribute to the Italian journalist, writer, playwright, essayist, painter and screenwriter Giuseppe Fava. On Tuesday, November 4, at the Cruise Room at MIBACT and on Thursday, November 27, at the Experimental Center for Cinematography in Rome, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the General Directorate for Libraries, the Live Entertainment Directorate, the Library of Archeology and Art History and the Giuseppe Fava Foundation organized two reading with the voices by Italian actors Ida di Benedetto, Ninni Bruschetta, Enrico Lo Verso, Marta Bifano, Fabrizio Monaldi and Lorenza Sorino who, accompanied by the improvisations by Marco Lo Russo at the accordion, gave life to the think and memory of a man whose motto was: what is it necessary to be alive if you do not have the courage to fight?

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